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Compulsory motor insurance for drivers but optional for insurers? Why are American motor insurers refusing to insure?

By: Insurancepe May 22, 2024

It’s common knowledge that motor insurance is compulsory by law (in India, the USA and most other countries). In an economy like the USA where there is a lot of
Utmost Good Faith
Utmost Good Faith – the UK’s biggest change to its Insurance Laws

By: Insurancepe May 16, 2024

If you have ever carefully read a proposal form of any type of insurance you are or were considering taking, you may have noticed a statement (usually in the Declaration)
Bliss – Too valuable to insure

By: Insurancepe December 12, 2023

You have seen this picture. Everyone has. Or at least everyone who has had a chance to use Windows XP before it was obsolete. This image is titled Bliss, and

By: Insurancepe July 5, 2023

“The whole world’s in a terrible state o’ chassis” – Captain Boyle from the play Juno and the Paycock. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau rightly said, “Everything, including life is in constant
Your Dreams, Our Commitment – Birla Sun Life Insurance’s logo

By: Insurancepe March 3, 2023

Birla Sun Life Insurance is a popular name – not just for its current presence in the Indian market, but also because it was: But have you ever wondered why
Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

By: Insurancepe January 2, 2023

LMV stands for Light Motor Vehicle. This license includes a commercial and personal vehicle like jeep, taxis, motorcars, delivery vans, pickup, rickshaw and other types of commercial and private vehicles.

By: Insurancepe December 7, 2022

Have you ever wondered about the rationale which goes into an organization’s brand logo? One such organization is the ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. The logo, you may observe, has
Egon Ronay’s Taste Buds Insurance

By: Insurancepe July 18, 2022

Egon Ronay was a famous British food critic who transformed the standard of food available in British restaurants and through public catering, improving them enormously. Ronay’s restaurant guide “Egon Ronay’s
Access to natural disaster early warning systems for all

By: Insurancepe June 2, 2022

The aim of United Nations is to give every person on Earth access to natural disaster early warning systems. According to U.N. the project with the Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization
Hand Starting Piper Saratoga – Single Engine Aircraft

By: Insurancepe June 2, 2022

A surgeon from Australia found the battery of his Piper Saratoga – single engine aircraft – dead. He proceeded to hand start the engine by turning the propeller. This is