Two-Wheeler Insurance and Air Bags

    Honda Goldwing is the only motorcycle that offers airbags as standard. So, if you need a motorcycle with airbags, best to buy a Honda Goldwing.

    The motorcycle airbag system is integrated into vests, offering comfort, style, and safety. The innovative airbag system in conjunction with the rider’s helmet reduces the chance of injury to the neck, chest, and spine. Statistics indicate that injuries are reduced by roughly 60 percent for the rider in an airbag vest or jacket, and head trauma by approximately 80 percent.

    The price of Honda Gold Wing starts at Rs. 39,16,055/-.

    In India, some insurers in their Two-Wheeler Insurance policy under SECTION I. LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE INSURED offers to pay for the AIR BAGS thus: “Subject to a deduction for depreciation at the rates mentioned below in respect of parts replaced: 1. For all rubber/ nylon / plastic parts, tyres and tubes, batteries and air bags – 50%”.

    This is interesting…isn’t it?


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