Thin Ice (earlier The Convincer) is a 2011 insurance-based film.

    Thin Ice” is a 2011 American comedy-drama about a dishonest insurance salesman (Mickey) who tries to con an old farmer (Gorvy) out of a rare violin. Mickey is the kind of salesman who would go to any lengths for the sake of selling a policy.

    When Mickey finds out that the farmer’s violin could be worth $25,000, he concocts a plan to steal it. This plan is then discovered by a psychopathic ex-con (Randy) who he hesitantly has to partner up with. Things get worse for Mickey when he later finds out that the violin’s actual worth could run into millions, and Randy begins threatening to kill him if he does not get his share.

    Seems like the type of situation which an insurance salesman might need insurance for.

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