Batman Black and White – Fortunes

    Batman Black and White refers to the comic book limited series published by DC Comics featuring black and white Batman stories. Volume 2 of this series features a story titled “Fortunes” (written by Steven T. Seagle, art by Daniel Torres) which is essentially a detective story revolving around insurance.

    A person is found dead from apparent suicide, and Detective Ashraf and Batman put together their minds to solve this case. It turns out, one Marie Margay had taken a high-value life insurance policy on her own life with her twin identical sister as the beneficiary. She then murdered her own sister and made it look like she herself had committed suicide.

    Having investigated the case, Detective Ashraf points out that Marie was apparently unaware that life insurance doesn’t pay in case of suicide. The policy can pay for suicide only after a certain waiting period. Detective Ashraf points out this as one of the reasons to repudiate the claim.

    Don’t you think the superhero Batman is needed not only to save Gotham from the Joker but also insurance crime!


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