After a car accident the author had massive hospital expenses that both medical and motor insurance companies refused to pay. The motor insurer misquoted medical records making it appear as if the injuries were not related to the accident! Just like consumers of technology, consumers of insurance need easy-to-understand, complete guides on how to buy insurance that protects and what to do when the insurer refuses to pay claims.

    If you buy insurance, drive a car, ride in a car, ride a bike or walk on roads, this book must be read. This book is written by an injured person who recovered more than a quarter-million dollars.

    For those who have not had an accident – this book is a must read because it gives an insight about choosing the right insurance companies. Policy holders have no idea of the developments in the insurance industry over the last two decades. These developments will directly affect claims.

    This book analyzes the insurance industry and how insurers systematically delay and deny claims. Reading this book will create a shocking awareness that how the consumers are spending hard-earned money with companies that no longer honor the insurance contracts.


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