God, Evil and Insurance

    During the Krita, Dwapara and Treta Yuga, (KDTY), Gods incarnated. Lord Rama for Ravana; Lord Krishna for Kansa; Goddess Durga for Mahishasura & Lord Narasima for Hiranya Kashyap etc.

    These incarnations are not for Shabari or Kuchela or Radha or Prahlad…. But for Ravana, Kansa, Hiranya Kashyap etc. Wherever there was bad, evil, violence, mistrust, inequality etc., the God incarnated.

    Thus, the KDTYs are bad Yugas, as against the popular perception of blissful existence. There was Evil and Bad, no respect for women, rape, stealing other’s wife, property etc., were common. There was constant fear and uncertainty!

    Now let us come to Kaliyuga where non-violence, equality, mutual trust, respect for women, tolerance, helping nature, insurance etc. are in abundance. There is are no Ravana, Kansas and Hiranya Kashyapas. In Kaliyuga peace exists.

    There is no incarnations of Rama, Krishna, Buddha or Laxmi Narasimha etc. For the first time God rests contentedly, marveling His perfect creation. We are blessed to be born in Kaliyuga. Existing in His perfect creation we have become Him. We are Him!

    Tatvam Asi. ‘That Thou Art’.

    There were one Meera, Prahlad, and Shabari earlier. Today we all are Meeras, Prahlads, Shabaris and Nagarjunas. Our lives have become Your song. Our walk have become Your Music; Science & Technology let us peek into Your mind. We pray “You worked hard in KDTY, in Kaliyuga please rest Sir. We need neither Your incarnation; nor Your intervention, we know we are You! Aham Brahmasmi!

    The “Bhagawat Gita” has a Famous quote: धर्मसंस्थापनार्थायसंभवामियुगेयुगे।।“To establish the good, I shall come from Time to Time”. (a rough translation)

    Hence, we relieve You from the promise of Sambhavami Yuge Yuge’. We as You are 10 bn incarnations.

    insurancepe joins you all in celebrating NAVRAATRI.


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