Brad Paisley – Series of Small Fires – The Cigar Song

    Bradley Douglas Paisley is an American country music singer, sold over 11 million albums and won three Grammy Awards. Paisley’s connection to Insurance is through Cigar Song from the album ‘Mud on The Tires’ (2003)

    Brad Paisley bought a box of Cuban cigars, insured them against fire. A month later, after smoking all the cigars, he filed a claim as the cigars were destroyed in a “series of small fires”. The insurance company refused to pay, arguing that he had consumed the cigars in the normal way. Paisley sued and won. On complaint from the insurer, Paisley was arrested and convicted for arson – intentionally burning insured property.

    “Well, I’m a sucker for fine Cuban cigars
    The problem is I can’t afford ’em
    But last year I went and got myself a whole box
    And just to be safe I insured ’em

    I took out a policy against fire and theft
    And then I hurried home
    With a 50 cent lighter, I sat on my back steps
    And I smoked ’em one by one

    Two weeks later, I went to see that insurance man
    And I handed in my claim
    With a straight face I told him that through a series of small fires
    They’d all gone up in flames…”

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