How your car can save you 1 – Adaptive Headlights

    While practicing safe driving remains a must, some vehicles come with features or facilities which are meant to improve safety conditions for you as well as others.

    Adaptive headlights are one such feature. These headlights adjust to changing road conditions, such as curves, oncoming vehicles, presence of pedestrians etc. This adaptiveness helps better illuminate the road ahead and avoid undue strain on the eyes of others. 

    Traditional headlights are fixed in position and capable of illuminating directly in front of the driver with no changes.  Adaptive headlights, on the other hand, use electronic sensors to detect changes in the steering angle, vehicles ahead, as well as pedestrians on the side of the footpaths and adjusts direction and/or illumination based on these factors.

    Adaptive headlights illuminate the driving environment better when compared with traditional headlights. These headlights allow the driver to see better at night, thus making driving safer.

    The driver needs only to use these headlights normally and pay attention to the road and needs to make sure to scan ahead for potential obstacles or road hazards.

    Of course, not all vehicles have such adaptive headlights. insurancepe suggests you reduce speed and drive cautiously when approaching a curve, or areas with pedestrian crossings. When oncoming cars approach with their high-beams activated, look toward the white lines on the side of the road to avoid being blinded.


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