Health Insurance – ALL IN FAMILY

    Insurance companies glorify family. Insurance = Family protection. What do insurers mean by family? Of the insurers who offer health insurance, we randomly selected three health policies to understand the concept of family.

    Reliance Health’s Family “Family” means the Insured, his/her lawful spouse and maximum of two dependent children below the age of 21 years.
    Oriental Health’s Family FAMILY: consists of the proposer and any one or more of the family members as mentioned below: legally wedded spouse. dependent Children (i.e., natural or legally adopted) between the age 3months to 18 years. However male child can be covered up to the age of 25 years if he is a bonafide regular student and financially dependent on the proposer. Female child can be covered until she gets married. Divorced and widowed daughters, are also eligible for coverage under the policy, irrespective of age. If the child above 18 years is financially independent or if the girl child is married, he or she shall be ineligible for coverage in the subsequent renewals. Parents / Parents-in-law (either of them). Unmarried siblings, if financially dependent on the Insured.
    Liberty Health’s Family “Family/Family Member” means the Primary Insured Person whose name forms the first Insured Person, his/her lawful spouse, child/children, parents/ parent-in-laws and such other persons who are specifically mentioned in the Schedule to this Policy

    Each insurer defined family differently, making PORTABILITY questionable. With same sex marriages, live in relationships being legal, the notion of Family has changed. Change is permanent. Insurer who refuses to change shall perish.


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