श्रीरास्तु शुभमस्तु अविग्नमस्तु / SriRastu SubhaMastu AvignaMastu.

    The phrase “risk-taking” makes our adrenaline flood. Butterflies in stomach take flight. The thought of taking a risk is not as exciting as the big screen portrays. In reality, we find safety in remaining in our comfort zones, protected and secure.

    We define an Act of God in probabilistic risk assessment as an event with a probability of occurrence below the general consensus for credibility. In other words, it is an unbelievable and unfathomable event “God’s will”.

    Risk can never be defined in its totality. Risk is the 109th name of the God. Hence, Act of God is excluded from coverage in insurance. Consider the impossibilities:

    Risk IdentificationCan we Identify God?
    Risk AnalysisCan we Analyse God?
    Risk Evaluation or RankingCan we Evaluate God?
    Risk TreatmentCan we Treat God?
    Risk Monitoring / ReviewCan we Monitor God?

    Hence, we propitiate the Lord Ganesha to bless us with freedom from risk / avighna (अविघ्न). – free from obstacles, unobstructed; absence of obstruction; without impediment; free from impediments.

    Insurancepe wishes all श्रीरास्तु शुभमस्तु अविग्नमस्तु/SriRastu SubhaMastu AvignaMastu!


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