Folk-Rock The Mountain Goats – Insurance Fraud #2

    The Mountain Goats are a successful American folk-rock band formed by singer-songwriter John Darnielle in 1991. The Mountain Goats Album “The Coroner’s Gambit” (released in 2000) has a beautiful song titled “Insurance Fraud #2”. The lyrics are:

    Bag full of oily rags, fifty cent lighter

    dreams of retirement in Cancun burning ever brighter

    There’s a lot of ways to make money in this world

    but I can’t recommend insurance fraud

    Burned out shell of a Volkswagen

    blood stains on the driveway

    Torn up Mercedes, by the side of the highway

    Big plans, big plans

    Let me tell you something sister,

    You will never get away with it.

    This song is about a man accusing a woman (probably his wife) of faking her death in an attempt to commit insurance fraud. This is a song in which our narrator counsels the wayward woman not to fall prey to seductive, deep dreams of insurance fraud. The song also features a few examples of insurance fraud. You can listen to the full song at:


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