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Does your insurance cover War?

By: Insurancepe October 30, 2023

With distressing news of war and conflict from different parts of the world becoming increasingly and worryingly common, we ordinary people can only hope that peace comes sooner than later,
CAUSA PROXIMA or Proximate Cause Allianz v The University of Exeter

By: Insurancepe May 5, 2023

In insurance, the rule of ‘proximate cause‘ is often called into action “to determine whether an event covered by a policy or an event excluded by the policy is the
It’s Tontine Time Again!

By: Insurancepe September 17, 2022

Although this concept may seem alien today, tontines have a long creditable history that reaches back half a millennium. The name “Tontine” comes from a 17th-century Italian financier, Lorenzo de