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Utmost Good Faith
Utmost Good Faith – the UK’s biggest change to its Insurance Laws

By: Insurancepe May 16, 2024

If you have ever carefully read a proposal form of any type of insurance you are or were considering taking, you may have noticed a statement (usually in the Declaration)
Health Insurance – Foundation of the Modern Welfare State

By: Insurancepe June 28, 2022

The National Insurance Act 1911 in the UK introduced the scheme of health insurance. It involved a tripartite structure, in which contributions for each insured person came from the insured person, the
1936 Movie – Lloyd’s of London

By: Insurancepe June 13, 2022

Many of us, including insurance professionals are clueless when it comes to the ‘Lloyds of London’. Lloyd’s is the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace. Their philosophy is ‘sharing risk