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Utmost Good Faith
Utmost Good Faith – the UK’s biggest change to its Insurance Laws

By: Insurancepe May 16, 2024

If you have ever carefully read a proposal form of any type of insurance you are or were considering taking, you may have noticed a statement (usually in the Declaration)
The curious case of life insurance fraud in Telangana & the Movie Kurup (2021)

By: Insurancepe March 3, 2023

In January, 2023 a Telangana state secretariat official went to lengths to get his hands on Rs 7.4 crore life insurance amount from as many as 25 policies. To claim
Health Insurance – Foundation of the Modern Welfare State

By: Insurancepe June 28, 2022

The National Insurance Act 1911 in the UK introduced the scheme of health insurance. It involved a tripartite structure, in which contributions for each insured person came from the insured person, the

By: Insurancepe May 10, 2022

Barber’s Insurance – This unique insurance cover is designed for a specific profession and is commonly sold in developed countries like the UK, US and Australia. Barbers’ insurance is a