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Issued Guidelines to standardize Health Insurance Exclusion
In April 2024, the insurance regulator IRDAI introduced changes to the health insurance regulations to protect policyholders and improve the health insurance experience. These revisions will be applied to all
Pay as you drive car insurance
Evolution is a slow process – especially in the field of insurance. What was once just insurance involving rigid contracts with hardly any customization or flexibility available to the customer,
Consumables covered in Health Insurance?
Consumables Cover – All you need to know

By: Insurancepe February 13, 2024

If you have ever gone through your health insurance’s policy wording when the process of buying health insurance, you may have noticed “Consumables” listed under Exclusions. Or perhaps your insurance
Cashless Health Insurance
Cashless Everywhere – All you need to know

By: Insurancepe February 5, 2024

Starting January 25, 2024, you will have the freedom to choose any hospital – even those outside the network of your health insurance provider – for your treatment on a