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By: Insurancepe March 3, 2023

After a car accident the author had massive hospital expenses that both medical and motor insurance companies refused to pay. The motor insurer misquoted medical records making it appear as
World Environment Day – 5.06.2022 – Enemy is Us.

By: Insurancepe June 13, 2022

World Environment Day (WED) is on 5 June 2022, hosted by Sweden, marks 50 years of excellent lip service. Man is destroying Earth’s ecosystems. Every three seconds, the world loses

By: Insurancepe May 10, 2022

Barber’s Insurance – This unique insurance cover is designed for a specific profession and is commonly sold in developed countries like the UK, US and Australia. Barbers’ insurance is a
Spooksafe Insurance Policy

By: Insurancepe April 25, 2022

Spooksafe “insurance policy” protects against paranormal and supernatural losses. ‘Spook’ means Ghost. The policy covers, like life and disability policy, the costs that may arise from haunting encounters, including:  A