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How did they (try to) carry out the scam?
A student who amputated his own legs for a $1.3 million dollar insurance scam

By: Insurancepe April 27, 2024

In 2023, a university student in Taiwan tried to scam his insurers in an attempt to get a payout of $1.3 million dollars! By amputating his own legs! What did
Issued Guidelines to standardize Health Insurance Exclusion
New Health Insurance rules by IRDAI – April 2024

By: Insurancepe April 20, 2024

In April 2024, the insurance regulator IRDAI introduced changes to the health insurance regulations to protect policyholders and improve the health insurance experience. These revisions will be applied to all
The Myth of 'Sold, Not Bought'
Insurance is not Bought, but Sold

By: Insurancepe March 28, 2024

People tend to be certain that they will live a hundred years; be damn sure that their house will not burn down; that their car will not be totaled in
Cohort based pricing
Health insurance & Cohort-based pricing

By: Insurancepe March 7, 2024

You may have heard the phrase ‘cohort-based pricing’ being tossed around a lot recently; owing to the news that the regulator IRDAI is considering a proposal from health insurers to
Consumables covered in Health Insurance?
Consumables Cover – All you need to know

By: Insurancepe February 13, 2024

If you have ever gone through your health insurance’s policy wording when the process of buying health insurance, you may have noticed “Consumables” listed under Exclusions. Or perhaps your insurance
Cashless Health Insurance
Cashless Everywhere – All you need to know

By: Insurancepe February 5, 2024

Starting January 25, 2024, you will have the freedom to choose any hospital – even those outside the network of your health insurance provider – for your treatment on a
Why every pet owner needs insurance?
Pet Insurance – All you need to know

By: Insurancepe January 29, 2024

Having a pet in your life is – like having your best friend move in! Our four-legged companions weave threads of joy, loyalty and unwavering companionship and bring boundless love
Family Health Optima Insurance
The cost of poor service in Health Insurance

By: Insurancepe January 8, 2024

What happens when a legitimate claim is rejected by an insurance company? The insurance company ends up paying more than the original cost of the claim. At least that is
India is stressed out! – ICICI Lombard India Wellness Index 2023

By: Insurancepe December 21, 2023

India is stressed out! – the ICICI Lombard Wellness Index 2023 ICICI Lombard recently unveiled its much-anticipated sixth annual India Wellness Index for 2023. While the report shows promising positives
Insurance vs. the Disabled OR Insurance for the Disabled?

By: Insurancepe November 17, 2023

The wait for insurance inclusivity. In February 2023, the regulator IRDAI had mandated Insurance companies to offer annual health coverage to disabled, HIV-positive and mentally disabled people. The regulator had