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Life Insurance of Queen Victoria

By: Insurancepe April 10, 2023

We dug patiently into the insurance archives and found that Queen Victoria had a life insurance policy! As per the records, Queen Victoria had a policy worth £2,000 (= £200,000
Thomas Cook – The pioneer of travel insurance

By: Insurancepe October 26, 2022

While Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin may romantically inspire space travel, modern travel is more concerned with on how to find cheap airplane tickets, clean hotel rooms and cheap travel
Health Insurance & Monkeypox

By: Insurancepe May 24, 2022

Cases of Monkeypox (part of the orthopoxvirus genus) have been reported in several countries, including England, Canada, US, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Australia and Sweden. Monkeypox is similar to smallpox,