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Issued Guidelines to standardize Health Insurance Exclusion
New Health Insurance rules by IRDAI – April 2024

By: Insurancepe April 20, 2024

In April 2024, the insurance regulator IRDAI introduced changes to the health insurance regulations to protect policyholders and improve the health insurance experience. These revisions will be applied to all
Four ways India’s new digital health claims system will change health insurance

By: Insurancepe November 6, 2023

India is expected to have a functional insurance claims exchange – the National Health Claims Exchange (NHCX) by December 2023. In August 2023, 29 insurers offering health insurance and 18
Does your insurance cover War?

By: Insurancepe October 30, 2023

With distressing news of war and conflict from different parts of the world becoming increasingly and worryingly common, we ordinary people can only hope that peace comes sooner than later,

By: Insurancepe September 7, 2023

Digitalization is the new growth strategy of Insurance. Competition and consumer behaviour are accelerating the digitalization process. With increasing investments in technology and introducing cutting-edge solutions for standardization of certain
Agriculture Insurance Claims Needs Rectification

By: Insurancepe July 28, 2023

Agriculture insurance companies seem to be making huge profits as claims paid out by them have been consistently reducing over the years. Have a look at the below statistics from

By: Insurancepe July 22, 2023

Hilarious jokes, impressions, or other repartee can cause someone to laugh themselves to death. For super comedians like Kapil Sharma or Vir Das, having death by laughter insurance might help.
Grandmas commit insurance fraud!

By: Insurancepe May 5, 2023

In 2009, the FBI charged two old ladies with fraud for buying policies in the name of fictitious people, killing them off ‘on paper’ and staging their funerals – all

By: Insurancepe March 3, 2023

It’s a known fact that the Law do not permit anyone to drive a vehicle without a valid driving license. A valid driving license is one that has not expired
Great Fire of London = Fire Insurance = Modern Fire Brigade

By: Insurancepe June 13, 2022

16th September, 1666 – the Great Fire devastated London. Few recorded deaths, but estimates put the destroyed property value at £10,000,000 (£1.5 billion today). From the Great Fire of London
Accident Insurance – Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers

By: Insurancepe May 10, 2022

Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers play a critical role in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable people. The secretariat of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent