Indian Premier League – Saturday, 26th March 7.30 pm – Wankhede Stadium – Mumbai. Chennai Super Kings to clash with Kolkotta Knight Riders. IPL 2022 commences. To hell with Covid 19.

    During COVID 19 lockdown many events were cancelled including Olympics and Wimbledon. Wimbledon organizers insured all matches under the pandemic clause for a small extra premium. When Wimbledon 2020 was cancelled under the pandemic clause, Wimbledon organizers claimed approximately 138 million pounds, the money they would have earned had the event been not cancelled.

    Olympic organizers, under the pandemic clause, when Japan Olympics 2020 were cancelled, claimed 130 million pounds from their insurance.

    IPL2020 was a huge event. There are big assets like Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli etc. This event was insured without the pandemic clause. When IPL2020 was cancelled nothing was paid by its insurers. An estimated 1 billion dollars were lost forever due to cancellation. We do hope IPL2022 has secured itself with comprehensive Insurance.


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