Inclusive Insurance

    Around the world June is celebrated as Pride month as we strive to achieve justice and equal opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) and other members of the community.

    While people of the LGBTQ+ communities continue to face discrimination and harassment, it is evident that acceptance has been slow. On critical issues like legality of same-sex marriage, it remains to be seen how the debate on this issue in India evolves, especially after the Supreme Court reserved its verdict on the issue in May 2023.

    But on the bright side, many industries and organisations are independently and increasingly recognizing equal rights and opportunities for these communities.

    But what about insurance?

    With increasing awareness of the struggles faced by these communities, there are players in the insurance industry who have recognized the lack of suitable benefits for these communities which is most evident in health insurance.

    Insurers like Future Generali which aims to be an ‘inclusive’ insurer have taken a step in the right direction by expanding the scope of the definition of ‘Family’ to include LGBTQIA+ people in live-in relationships avail health insurance.

    Further, employers like Meesho now offer 30 days leave for transitioning or gender reassignment surgery covered under their employee health insurance. The company’s health insurance plan for their employees also includes cover for IVF and live-in relationships.

    Procter & Gamble India announced that from April 1, 2022, partners of LGBTQ+ employees would be covered under the company’s medical plan, which includes hospitalisation coverage.

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