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By: Insurancepe September 25, 2023

Blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrency – these are all terms originating from more or less the same revolutionary technology that has been taking the financial sector by storm. But what exactly is

By: Insurancepe September 7, 2023

Digitalization is the new growth strategy of Insurance. Competition and consumer behaviour are accelerating the digitalization process. With increasing investments in technology and introducing cutting-edge solutions for standardization of certain
How your car can save you – Anti-lock Braking System

By: Insurancepe August 23, 2023

ABS or Anti-lock Braking System is a safety feature in most vehicles today. Are you aware of what “ABS” in your vehicle means? Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) helps in emergencies
How your car can save you 1 – Adaptive Headlights

By: Insurancepe August 17, 2023

While practicing safe driving remains a must, some vehicles come with features or facilities which are meant to improve safety conditions for you as well as others. Adaptive headlights are
Cold and Distant” – How METLIFE tackled this perception of Insurance Companies?

By: Insurancepe December 7, 2022

In the 80s, insurance companies in the USA were often thought to be as “cold and distant”. Marketing to attract customers in such an environment proved difficult. However, one insurance
Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshar voice Insurance

By: Insurancepe September 14, 2022

Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar – 28 September 1929 – 6 February 2022 – was a playback singer, music composer and philanthropist. She is considered as one of the greatest singers
Mother Kunti Assurance Policy

By: Insurancepe June 28, 2022

Mahabharata’s Kunti was given a boon (by Rishi Durvasa) of getting children by invoking the Devas. At 13, she invoked Surya, got pregnant and gave birth to Karna. Fearing outrage
Moksha/Heaven/Janna assured Insurance

By: Insurancepe June 13, 2022

The IRDAI’s recently allowed all general insurance companies to introduce products without seeking prior approval from the Regulator. This initiative enables insurers to float people centric insurances. Allow us to
Spooksafe Insurance Policy

By: Insurancepe April 25, 2022

Spooksafe “insurance policy” protects against paranormal and supernatural losses. ‘Spook’ means Ghost. The policy covers, like life and disability policy, the costs that may arise from haunting encounters, including:  A
Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Insurance

By: Insurancepe April 22, 2022

Just like any other show KBC is also insured against uncertain losses like fire, earthquake, flood Mr. Bachhan’s unavailability / non appearance, transmission failure, & loss of revenue etc. If