Why every pet owner needs insurance?
Pet Insurance – All you need to know

By: Insurancepe January 29, 2024

Having a pet in your life is – like having your best friend move in! Our four-legged companions weave threads of joy, loyalty and unwavering companionship and bring boundless love
The Art of Crisis prevention: Martime Security in the Red Sea & Gulf of Aden
The Red Sea shipping crisis

By: Insurancepe January 22, 2024

What is the Red Sea shipping route? The Red Sea is a crucial route for container shipping and international commerce. Being the fastest route between Europe and Asia, nearly 15%
Family Health Optima Insurance
The cost of poor service in Health Insurance

By: Insurancepe January 8, 2024

What happens when a legitimate claim is rejected by an insurance company? The insurance company ends up paying more than the original cost of the claim. At least that is